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Getting to the Basics


Quick Fixes


  • Make sure all bulleted or numbered lists are created using built in formatting.
  • Indented blocks of text are done so with the built in increase/decrease indent feature.
  • Use properly formatted headings and use them in the correct order.



Other Things to Consider


  • Do not scan materials, they are treated as images and not readable by assistive technology.
  • If you are posting an article, link to it if you can.
  • Example letters or emails need to be re-typed into your content if it is important to the concepts you are teaching. Don’t scan them.
  • Don’t scan in handwritten notes, re-type them.


  • Make your textbook decision early.
  • Ask for an alternative version (audio, PDF, or online).


  • Don’t use a font size smaller than 10 pt.
  • For PowerPoint, don’t use smaller than 24 pt.
  • Use a San Serif font like Helvetica, Arial, or Verdana.


  • Make sure that colors are not your only method of conveying important information.
  • Check out the following article on Types of Color-blindness for more information about color.