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My students can't write! Part 2: Scaffolding

My students can’t write! Part 2: Scaffolding

The process of writing is often just as important as the product. A strong process supports a strong product and helps students practice critical thinking, time management, self-reflection, and communication and interpersonal skills. Scaffolding is the term for building process parts into an assignment and holding students accountable for the individual parts in addition to… Continue Reading My students can’t write! Part 2: Scaffolding


Humor and Teaching

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Charlie Chaplin Humor has been proven to improve health, reduce stress and build relationships but can laughter help your students learn?  A recent study published in the journal Humor: International Journal of Human Research, states that yes, humor can have a positive cognitive effect on learning and… Continue Reading Humor and Teaching


Lady in the Classroom?

I have grown to become a great fan of a wonderful movie by M. Night Shyamalan entitled “Lady in the Water.” Bizarre. Different. Odd. Unique. These were my first impressions;  kind of other worldly if you will. But upon reflection, and given time, I found myself wanting to return to this little gem. There was… Continue Reading Lady in the Classroom?