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ENG111 Classroom Ensemble & Light Board Videos

Hi friends!  Are you looking for a short teaching video related to composition, English, writing processes, etc.?  Some are already done – feel free to use the links below and integrate them into your courses:

(under normal circumstances, I would put these up in unit/course order… these are extraordinary times… I’m starting Unit 3 right now, and will start with most relevant then go to  the ‘other stuff’…)

Unit 3: Argument (Elements of argument light-board video)


Unit 4: Writing Proposals (Elements of proposals)


How-To Attach assignments in Moodle:


How-To Write Reflection:


How to share a document in Google:


Academic Writing (general) Made Easy:


Unit 1: Reading Rhetorically


Unit 1: Rhetorical Situations


Unit 1: Writing Analytically


Unit 1:Thinking and Acting Rhetorically


Unit 3: Elements of Narrative


Unit 2: Narrowing the Scope of Research


Unit 2: Organizing Information


Unit 2: Finding Resources:


Unit 2: Reporting Information


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