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Student Services A-Z Overview

Ever tried to find something, and then,


Student life can be overwhelming at times, and finding what you might need to get help can add to that feeling. To help you help your students find what they need, we’ve designed this “Services Bingo Card”.

Instructor Bingo
Some information you might wish to include on your version of “Services Bingo” could be what building each service is in, office hours, how the service might relate to your class, etc. A link to the each service’s webpage and its phone number has already been included for you. (


    • In addition to specific information on each service in the different bingo squares, you should also add a title at the top of the page and information on your class in the upper left hand corner square.
    • After completing the Services Bingo page, you can save it to your Q: space and then print it for students on the first day of class–or include it electronically in your Moodle shell:)