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January PD Day: Creating Significant Learning

Thanks to all faculty who attended the January PD day on Monday. We hope the overview of Dee Fink’s significant learning model was useful and helps you feel ready to write or revise your outcomes as well as link your assessments to your outcomes. Here are a couple important points to remember:

  1. Your revised outcomes should be completed and submitted to your office manager by Friday, Jan. 13. These outcomes will be a part of the 2017-18 Course Outlines. You can apply these outcomes to your spring classes or wait to implement them in your fall classes. Either way, the revised outlines, including the outcomes, are due this week so they will be ready to go for the new catalog.
  2. You will be able to watch a short video overview of this information in the Sharing Showcase next week.
  3. You can contact Kay Harris (995-1957) for help at any time with any of these activities.

Here are links to electronic versions of all of the handouts from the PD day:

The Teaching and Learning Cycle

The Six Categories of Significant Learning

Developing SMART Outcomes

Linking Outcomes and Assessments on the Syllabus ENG 210 (grid version)

Linking Outcomes and Assessments on the Syllabus ENG 210 (list version)

Assessment Options Chart

Course Outline Revision Checklist

Powerpoint #1

Powerpoint #2


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