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NMC’s plan for the Fall 2021 semester includes face-to-face, hybrid, livestream, and online formats with an emphasis on flexibility. Here are the class formats:

Lecture courses iconLECTURE COURSES:

Occur face-to-face in an on-campus classroom. Instructors use Moodle for the course syllabus and gradebook or other resources to supplement face-to-face instruction. 

Online courses iconONLINE COURSES:

These asynchronous courses are online. Students are responsible for logging in to Moodle to complete assignments and activities by specific dates. Online courses may also have proctored testing and/or proctored exams at a licensed testing center.

Hybrid courses iconHYBRID COURSES:

These blend online and/or livestream delivery using Zoom and/or face-to-face. Most course activities are done in Moodle, but there may be some required face-to-face instructional activities such as lectures and labs. Licensed testing center proctored exams may be required.

Livestream courses iconLIVESTREAM COURSES:

These synchronous courses meet during a regularly scheduled time via a web conferencing tool like Zoom. Moodle is used to distribute materials, submit assignments, track grades, and share feedback. On-campus proctored exams may be required. 

Getting Help

NMC continues to be in Stage 4 of the campus reopening plan. Submitting a help desk ticket to the EMT team is the most efficient way to get assistance. The Ed Tech team continues to work remotely but will have team members on campus in our office Monday – Thursday, 8 am – 5:00 pm. Please view the Keep Teaching Calendar for scheduled Zoom drop-in support and other PD opportunities.

NMC Supported Tools

NMC’s Ed Tech team provides support for many tools that will help you teach in an online, hybrid, or livestream format. The teaching@NMC website and Keep Teaching Resources webpage will direct you to basic information about NMC supported tools. Please use either resource to guide you during your class planning or delivery. In addition, please consider the following:

What to do if a student tests positive for COVID-19.

Please review the Steps an NMC Employee Should Take flow chart to familiarize yourself with the process.