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Moodle Attendance Activity

To use the Attendance module in your course, first add the activity, then add your session dates, adjust the grading variables, and lastly, grade.

Creating the Activity

In your course in Moodle, with editing turned on and in the topic area you would like to place the Attendance activity, click the Add an activity or resource link. Select Attendance and click the Add button at the bottom of the menu. For General settings, fill in a Name and select the Grade points from the drop down menu. (Note: works best when the grade points are set to 100. From there, we can scale in the gradebook.) Choose what Grade category you want this activity categorized under in your grade book.


Click the Save and return to course button at the bottom of the page.

Adding Sessions

Now that you’ve created the activity, let’s go ahead and add the session dates you would like to take attendance for. Click the title of your Attendance activity to open it.


Click the Add tab. Make your selections – you can setup for one class date or multiple dates for the semester. For multiple dates, under Session type check the box for Create multiple sessions.


For Session Date choose the date your course begins for the semester. Duration is how long your class is (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.). Session end date is the end of the semester. Session Days is for the day or days of the week your course meets. Frequency is set to 1 week – meaning you meet every week on the Session Days you chose.


When you are finished, click the Add session button at the bottom of the page. To see the created sessions, click on the Sessions tab. If you don’t see a list of all the sessions you created, click on the All button.


Adjusting Grading Variables

By default the variables used to grade are:

P = Present
L = Late
E = Excused
A = Absent

You can change these and add others. You can also adjust the grade points associated with each. In your course, click the title of your attendance activity to open it. Click on the Settings tab. Change any of the existing variables, or create a new variable by typing the information in the empty bottom row and clicking the Add button. You can also delete a variable by clicking the Delete (X) icon in the Action column for that variable.


When you are finished, click the Update button at the bottom of the page.

Grading/Taking Attendance

From within your course in Moodle click the title of your attendance activity to open it. By default the Sessions tab should be selected, if not, click on the Sessions tab at the top. Find the session you would like to grade. Notice you can sort sessions by All, All past, Months, Weeks, and Day. Under the Actions column for that session click on the Take attendance icon that looks like a solid green circle.


From the View mode drop down menu select your preferred grading view. You can select a Sorted list or Sorted Grid. The variable letters (P L E A) in the top row allow you to mark or un-mark all students as once. To grade everyone present, click on the P and everyone in the class will be marked and scored as present. Mark your students, any Remarks you type in the box provided will only be seen by you and that student.


When finished, click the Save attendance button at the bottom of the page.

Download Moodle Attendance Activity Tutorial