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Creating a Moodle Gradebook Category

Step 1: From within your course in Moodle, select Grades from the Navigation block menu.


Step 2: Select the Setup tab.


Step 3: Scroll to the bottom and click the Add category button at the bottom of the page.


Step 4: A page will open with settings that can be changed.

  • Grade category: fill in the Category Name and select the Aggregation type from the drop down menu.
  • Category total: click Category total to open the section. Adjust your settings.
  • Parent category: if you are creating your first category in your grade book, you will NOT see this section. When a category is created, the default parent category assigned is the course. You can change the default and make subcategories by placing categories under other categories.

Step 5: Click the Save changes button at the bottom. The new category is created and will appear at the bottom of your grade book.

Download Creating a Moodle Gradebook Category Tutorial