Adding & Grading a Grade Item in Moodle

Adding a Grade Item

Adding a Grade Item in your gradebook provides you a place to grade any offline activities, such as a presentation given in class, participation points, or other homework and quizzes handed in as a physical copy.

Step 1: From within your course in Moodle, select Grades from the Navigation block menu.
Accessing the Moodle Gradebook User ReportStep 2: Select the Setup tab and make sure the tab below it is set to Gradebook setup.
Creating a CategoryStep 3: Scroll to the bottom and click the Add grade item button at the bottom of the page.
Add a Grade ItemStep 4: Fill in the Item name and Maximum grade.

Step 5: If you have categories setup in your course, you will see a Parent category setting. Use the Grade category drop down menu to tell Moodle what category your added grade item should be placed under.
Add to CategoryStep 6: Click the Save changes button at the bottom.

Adding a Grade to the Gradebook

Step 1: In your gradebook, select the View tab and make sure the tab below it is set to Grader report.
Grader ReportStep 2: Click in the box corresponding to the student and item you would like to enter a grade for. After you click, you may notice one or two boxes activated, this depends on whether you have feedback turned on.
Grading BoxesStep 3: Type the grade/points into the first box, and any feedback into the second box. The grade will be automatically recorded for the student.

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Download Adding & Grading a Grade Item in Moodle Tutorial