Browsing Zero-Cost and Low-Cost Textbook Classes in the Searchable Schedule

Did you know that dozens of NMC instructors have made the switch to teaching with open (i.e. free) or low-cost textbooks and course materials, saving students over $2 million in textbook costs since 2015?

You can search for both Zero-Cost Textbook (ZCT) and Low-Cost Textbook (LCT) offerings in the searchable class schedule within the course registration portal. This post is a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use these handy ZCT and LCT filters.

First, log in to your myNMC student site and click the Register/Add/Drop Classes button:


myNMC portal view w/ arrow pointing to register for NMC classes button


Then, click on the box for ‘Registration Step 3 – Register for classes.’


Registration Step 3 - Register for classes box


This will take you to the Registration portal, where you can click Browse Class Schedule.


Registration portal view


You’ll be prompted to select a term schedule to browse. Once you select a term and hit submit, you will see some blank search criteria boxes. To view all search options, click on ‘Advanced Search.’


Browse Class Schedule view with arrow pointing at Advanced Search option


Find the Special Search Criteria box and type ‘textbook.’ (You can also simply search ‘ZCT’ or ‘LCT’).


Adding ZTC and LTC filters to Special Search Criteria box


As you type, you should see these options appear in the drop-down menu. Click on one or both of them to select these filters, then click Search.


ZCT and LCT search submit


This will return a list of all sections for the selected term that use a Zero-Cost or Low-Cost (under $40) textbook.

You can also use these criteria in combination with other search criteria (e.g. you could view ZCT and LCT offerings in a particular department or program by selecting the department in the Subject field before clicking ‘Search’).