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Sharing Ensemble Videos with Other Library Users

Let’s say Jane wants to share a video with Joe. Joe would need to go into Ensemble, and from the menu on the left, select Administration, Library, Sharing. Click the Add button and search for and select the user to allow to share (in this case Jane). Click the Add to My Shares button.


Jane shares the video with Joe from her Media Library by clicking on Publish for the video she wants to share.


Under Shared Libraries, check marking Joe’s library.


Clicking the green Save and Publish button at the bottom.

Joe clicks on Shared Library and can see the video that Jane shared. This video is “shared” by both libraries; if either person edits the video in any way, both will see the changes.

Copying & Transferring

After Jane shared a video with Joe, he decided it would work better for him if he could change the title, and add some annotations. Because the video is shared he can’t make changes unless Jane agrees to the same changes.

Joe calls Jane and asks if there is a way he could have a copy of the video so he can make changes. While talking with Jane, Joe remembers a video she helped him create that’s still in her library. Joe asks if there is a way that video could be transferred from her library into his.

Jane agrees to Joe’s requests. In Ensemble, Joe allows Jane to Copy and Transfer to his library by selecting Administration, Library, Sharing, granting Jane the right to Copy and Transfer videos to his library by check-marking the options.


Any videos copied or transferred will show up in Joe’s Media Library, not the Shared Library tab.

Ensemble Terms Defined:

Shared Library tab – area where you see videos that have been shared with you from another user library.

Copy – Creates a copy of a video in the user’s library which can be changed without altering the original.

Transfer – Moving a video from one user library to another.

Download the "Sharing Ensemble Videos with Other Library Users" Tutorial