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Technology Training Materials on the Tech Help Desk (THD) Knowledgebase

Looking for online training for you and your employees?  The NMC Technology Help Desk offers a number of eLearn Modules and Screencast videos covering a wide range of technology topics.  Check them out!

Locating the Technology Help Desk Knowledgebase

Scroll down on the MyNMC webpage until you find the drop-down section. Click on the drop-down menu labeled Password Self-Service & Tech Help Desk. From there click on the bullet near the bottom labeled “Technology Help Desk Knowledgebase.”

The NMC Employee Knowledgebase

Once brought to the page, there will be a list of bulleted links. The object of this page is to educate, each link will bring up a different page explaining how to use it. There are different kinds of educational tools used on this list. 

  • The eLearn Modules are links to training courses on Silk Road. 
  • If you are more of a visual learner than look for the Screencast Videos. These videos will walk through the application while giving you useful, friendly tips.

Here is a list of all of the eLearn Modules and Screencast videos found on the THD Knowledgebase.

Accessing NMC Services via Mobile Devices – eLearn Module

Adobe Reader DC – eLearn Module

Banner Navigation – eLearn Module and Screencast Video

Faculty Grade-Entry – eLearn Module

Google Apps – eLearn Module

Google Drive – eLearn Module

Google Drive – Student – Screencast Video

Google Keep – Screencast Video

IT Security – eLearn Module

Moodle – Student – Screencast Video

My Academic Plan (MAP) – eLearn Module

My Academic Plan (MAP) – Student – Screencast Video

MyNMC – eLearn Module

Network Drives – eLearn Module

Office 365 – Student – Screencast Video

Passwords – eLearn Module

Printing at NMC – eLearn Module

Q: Drive – Student – Screencast Video

Self-Service – Student – Screencast Video

Telephone System – elearn Module

Wireless – eLearn Module

Wireless – Student – Screencast Video

For more information or requests for additional eLearn Modules or Screencast Videos, please contact the NMC Technology Help Desk at 995-3020 or

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