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You may browse the videos by scrolling or using the Showcase Categories to the right. We welcome new additions or suggestions for this collection.  Please contact Kristen Salathiel or Kay Harris.

Active Learning and Student Engagement

KEITH OVERBAUGH: Using Whiteboards for Group Collaboration

JANE ZLOJUTRO: Increasing Student Engagement through Collaboration

GWEN TAFELSKY: Creating Real-World Experiences with Simulations

DEB PHARO: Using Manipulatives in the Mathematics Classroom

NMC STUDENTS: Active Learning Classrooms: Student Perspectives

KRISTY McDONALD: Mindfulness

Building Community

NMC FACULTY & STAFF: Supporting Student Success

Bingo Handout (print or download)

Course Development and Assessment

WAYNE MOODY: Gen ED Outcomes in the Automotive Program

TOM GORDON: The Wise Choices Assignment Using Moodle

LISA BLACKFORD & MELISSA SPRENKLE: Inter-Departmental Collaboration

STEVE RICE & TOM GORDON: Using Success Coaching in the classroom

TOM GORDON: Using “Chunky Quizzing” to Improve Student Success

Engaging Local Resources

Service Learning

KRISTY MCDONALD’S CLASS: Changing the Learning Equation

Using Technology

SARAH WANGLER: Texting Your Students

Jason Slade: GoPro Cameras for Assessment

John Pflughoeft : Lightboard Recordings