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Moodle Calendar

Upcoming Moodle Dates

Keep the following Moodle-related dates in mind as we rapidly approach the start of the summer term: Monday, May 6th — Students populated in Summer 2019 (1903) courses. You’ll be able to see student lists in Moodle on this day. Students will not be able to see courses unless you turn a course on early.Friday,… Continue Reading Upcoming Moodle Dates


Changes to Moodle Question Types

As NMC works to improve equal educational access for all students, the Education Technology department recently completed an accessibility review of Moodle’s quiz question types. While most question types met accessibility requirements in accordance with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, five of them did not and have therefore been removed from Moodle until developers make… Continue Reading Changes to Moodle Question Types


Exciting New Ensemble Feature!

The newest version of Ensemble (installed in November 2018) contains several new features, but the most exciting is that videos now allow instructors to embed quizzes and have those quiz scores automatically transfer to their Moodle gradebook! The feature is fairly intuitive to use, and gradebook integration is smooth provided instructors add their Ensemble videos… Continue Reading Exciting New Ensemble Feature!