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Exciting New Ensemble Feature!

The newest version of Ensemble (installed in November 2018) contains several new features, but the most exciting is that videos now allow instructors to embed quizzes and have those quiz scores automatically transfer to their Moodle gradebook! The feature is fairly intuitive to use, and gradebook integration is smooth provided instructors add their Ensemble videos… Continue Reading Exciting New Ensemble Feature!

Moodle Reboot

Important Upcoming Moodle Dates

As we close down 2018 and finalize NMC’s Fall semester, be aware of these important Moodle dates: Friday, December 27th – Fall 2018 (1901) courses turned off. We routinely turn courses off after the course ends. If you need a course left open, please submit a ticket. Sunday, January 6th – Students populated in Spring… Continue Reading Important Upcoming Moodle Dates


A Tribute to Little Things

Our first teachers are our families, and after my parents, nobody taught me more than my grandpa, Richard Post, who passed away two weekends ago. My grandfather taught me a lot of Big Things, of course. But it was the little things I learned from him that I’ve found to be the most important. I’ve… Continue Reading A Tribute to Little Things