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The CIT Pipeline

Stoking the Pipeline

There are certain disciplines I have encountered on my life journey that have proved invaluable in framing challenges far outside the scope of their fields. Economics was one, with its emphasis on modeling interconnected systems using statistics and calculus in an attempt to explain human behavior. Linguistics has helped me to better understand the extent… Continue Reading Stoking the Pipeline

Butterfly and cocoon

Teaching Worldliness

Now that educational technology has advanced to the place where it threatens the traditional role of the teacher, I find myself pondering just what our role is as educators. I addressed this question in general in a prior post, but today I would like to discuss what I think is an important role we play:… Continue Reading Teaching Worldliness

2015-11-07 Ships painting canstockphoto18630779

A thousand ships

A fascinating aspect of my prior career as a consultant was working with a wide range of businesses that I would not have guessed had existed. One client milled silicon carbide and tungsten into precision rings that serve as impenetrable seals for pipelines. Another does nothing more than replace air filters in air conditioning units throughout southern… Continue Reading A thousand ships Continue Reading A thousand ships

Socrates Drinking the Conium

Do not go gentle into that good night

Are new technologies making teachers irrelevant? Our space is increasingly encroached upon by MOOCs, gamification, online classrooms, competency based curriculum, iPads in the classroom, virtually unlimited online information, and other threats to the traditional teacher-student paradigm. Teachers will have a place in this new world¬†only if we¬†advocate for the value we bring to the party.… Continue Reading Do not go gentle into that good night