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Downloading and Setting Up the Moodle Mobile App

While using a computer browser for engaging with your Moodle coursework is recommended, it may be convenient for you to install the Moodle app on your smartphone or tablet as well. If you wish to use the Moodle Mobile App, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Download the App

Go to the app store on your mobile device. Each mobile operating software has its own store, but the most common are the App Store (https://www.apple.com/ios/app-store/) for Apple products and  Google Play (https://play.google.com/store) for Android products. Both stores distribute the Moodle Mobile app for free.

Once you have opened the app store on your device, search for “Moodle.” The app will be described as the “Moodle official app for mobile” (all screenshots are from Apple iOS v15 for the iPhone). To download the app, follow your device’s onscreen directions.

Step 2: Setting Up the Moodle App

Once the Moodle app is downloaded onto your device, open it. You may be prompted by your device to select whether you want to receive notifications or not. If you “Accept,” you will get notifications (like text message or social media pop-ups) on your device when new information from your Moodle classes are available. If you don’t accept notifications, you will only receive new course information when you open the app on your device.

Next, and this action is critical: copy and paste (or type) into the site address https://elearn.nmc.edu or click the “Scan QR code” button. If you choose to type, NMC’s Moodle site should appear for selection about halfway through typing in the web address. If you choose to scan the QR code, that code can be found on the bottom of your profile page in Moodle. Both options will direct you to NMC’s Moodle mobile site. This step only needs to be completed once.

Step 3: Login to NMC Services

If you completed Step 2 correctly, the next page will be the NMC login page, which should look familiar. Type in your NMC ID and Password and select “Login.” This action also only needs to be completed once.

Step 4: Explore!

The next screen is the Moodle Mobile app NMC homepage. Your courses appear in the middle of the page and there are 5 icons at the bottom (the NMC Moodle Homepage, Messages, Notifications, Calendar, and Preferences/Other). These tabs and icons will guide you to most of the actions and activities you should already be familiar with in Moodle (below left). If you get a “mypage parem” error while on the home page (below right), click “OK” and keep working. While annoying, it doesn’t impact the functionality of the app.

If you have any further questions about the Moodle Mobile app please submit a help desk ticket or call 995-3020.