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Moodle: Finding your Course(s)

Courses are not available to students until the starting date of the Course. If you don’t see your course listed in your Course overview, ask yourself:

  • Is my class a face-to-face or hybrid course? If it is, your instructor may not make it available to you until after you meet in class for the first time.
  • Is it less than 24 hours since I registered for the class? It takes 24 hours for the system to sync and populate your classes once you register.
  • Does my class have a late starting date? Check your course schedule to determine the session start date, not all courses start at the beginning of the semester, some start mid-semester.

If you still don’t see your course(s) contact the NMC Technology Help Desk at 231-995-3020 or submit a help desk ticket. Be sure to include your course CRN (section number) as well as the course title.