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Using Discussion Forums

Discussion forums allow you to have conversations with your classmates. Many times instructors will ask that you write on a specific topic, answer a question, and respond to others in the forum. Discussion forums may be graded by your instructor. 

Posting to a Forum

To post to a forum, click on the forum from the course homepage.

Carefully read the instructions provided by your instructor. To begin your response, click on the green “Add discussion topic” button.

Create a “Subject” for your post, and type your post into the “Message” area. You can use the buttons in the editor to add media or format the post.

If you are required to attach a document, first click the small “Advanced” link to the right of the gray “Cancel” button.

 On the next page, add an attachment by clicking the file chooser or dragging the file into the space with the large blue arrow. Click on the green “Post to forum” button when you’ve completed the post.

After posting to the forum you’ll receive a green messaging indicating that you’ve successfully posted to the forum and that you have 15 minutes to edit the post before anyone subscribed to the forum is notified of the new post.

Responding to a Forum

To respond to a posting in a Forum, open the Forum by clicking on it.

Below the instructions you’ll see a list of posts. Open a post by clicking on the title/subject of the post listed in the “Discussion” column.

To respond, click on the “Reply” link located in the bottom right corner of the post window.

Type your response in the “Message” box. If you want/need more advanced editing options or to attach a file, click the “Advanced” link at the bottom right of the box. Click on the green “Submit” button to post your reply.

For Moodle help, contact the NMC Technology Helpdesk at 231-995-3020