NMC’s class formats include face-to-face, hybrid, livestream, and online formats with an emphasis on flexibility.

Lecture courses iconLECTURE COURSES:

Occur face-to-face in an on-campus classroom. Instructors use Moodle for the course syllabus and gradebook or other resources to supplement face-to-face instruction. 

Online courses iconONLINE COURSES:

These asynchronous courses are online. Students are responsible for logging in to Moodle to complete assignments and activities by specific dates. Online courses may also have proctored testing and/or proctored exams at a licensed testing center.

Hybrid courses iconHYBRID COURSES:

These blend online and/or livestream delivery using Zoom and/or face-to-face. Most course activities are done in Moodle, but there may be some required face-to-face instructional activities such as lectures and labs. Licensed testing center proctored exams may be required.

Livestream courses iconLIVESTREAM COURSES:

These synchronous courses meet during a regularly scheduled time via a web conferencing tool like Zoom. Moodle is used to distribute materials, submit assignments, track grades, and share feedback. On-campus proctored exams may be required.