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Submitting a Google Doc to a Moodle Assignment

There are a few options for submitting a Google Doc to Moodle Assignment activity. To add a Google Doc directly from Moodle, open the Assignment activity, click on the Add Submission button, and then click on the Add button to upload a document. 

Click on the Add button

In the File picker window, select Google Drive and then click on the Log In To Your Account button.

Select Google Drive and Log In To Your Account

You’ll be prompted to choose the Google account that you’d like to connect to. 

Select the Google Account

Once you select the Google account you’d like to submit from, click on the Allow button to allow Moodle to connect to your Google Drive.

Allow Moodle to access your Google Drive

Once connected to your Google Drive browse your Google Drive for the document you’d like to submit. 

Browse your Google Drive

Once you select your Google Doc, click on Select This File to upload the file to Moodle. 

Click on Select this file

Lastly, click on Save Changes to upload the document. Please note that the Google Doc will be converted to a different file type in Moodle.

Click on Save Changes

Alternatively, you can always download your file from your Google Drive and upload the file to Moodle.Download your Google Doc as a file





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