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All Fired Up About Accessibility!

I just spent a week in sunny Las Vegas attending the annual ITC eLearning conference.  The weather was a beautiful 70-75 degrees each day.  I spent most of the days inside learning all I could to help those at our campus.

The one topic that I heard in every session including the key notes was all Accessibility.  Even though it was -20  this morning when I woke up I am still toasty warm and fired up about Accessibility.

It was such an opportunity to surround myself with others from different campuses all over the world all caring about this very thing.  If a speaker did not mention it (which most of them did) then the audience was asking about it.

One comment stands out to me over the week and that is “Are we not here for the students? Isn’t that why we do what we do?”  This got me thinking about our campus. Why are we not doing all we can.

We are always so eager to transform the individual to fit into the system by allowing accommodations when documented to allow the student to fit our system.  Here is a thought, why are we not trying to change the environment so that all individuals can be accommodated without effort?

Right in the NMC values it states:

“We value all people and will invest in their personal and professional growth and development.”

WebaimIts our job to allow all students an opportunity to learn. Its time that we start the challenge to change the environment allowing all our students an opportunity.

Our department will start sharing all the new tips and tricks we learn in upcoming editions that will help us all start changing the environment.

Lets reach all of our learners!

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