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ELI Offerings

The ELI is expanding supportive offerings through the Spring and Summer.  We want to bring all of these to your attention now!

EL 101 Online – Register ANYTIME!

EL101 is a self-paced, Moodle-based approach to learning and applying effective teaching and learning practices. We currently have 40 faculty enrolled, and it has been great!  We will bring this content to NMC faculty and staff in an additional format starting in May!  

EL101 Livestream Workshop starting May 10! 

Thinking about making some changes this summer? Want to incorporate more project-based or problem-based activities? Want to work with reflection with your students? Looking to hear from others about all of the cool things they are doing for inspiration?  If yes to any of these, you need to join us!

We will meet for 90 minutes Monday-Friday (5/10-14 @ 10:30am) to learn concepts and models and apply them to our own classwork. The goal is to change an important activity or assignment in a unit of your course. 

Everyone will receive a copy of “How You Learn Is How You Live” as well as a personalized learning report (the KLSI 4.0), which help us understand the fundamentals of learning as they apply to ourselves and others. Adjuncts who complete the course can also receive a $200 stipend. This also serves for professional development goals for provisional faculty. 

This could be the perfect chance to jumpstart your summer planning for fall to expand projects and increase engagement! 

Working with learning partners in EMT, our library and others, we get into learning theory, learning preferences, learning spaces, faculty roles, and curricular design approaches to rework an assignment.   Faculty should come to the workshop with an assignment, activity or unit/topic they wish to rework.  This will serve as a basis for our time together.

Register at the email below!


Faculty who are interested in a deeper dive can also use this as a start to an ELI Fellowship, which would result in the reworking of at least a whole unit in your course, including all activities and assignments. Fellowship awardees work closely with the ELI for these expansions through summer with the expectation of running the course in the following academic year. 

Fellowship awardees will receive a copy of “The Experiential Educator: Principles and Practices of Experiential Learning”, which serves as the backbone to our learning. ELI Fellows also qualify for $1500 that can be used for funding resources, removing barriers, purchasing assistive technology and to honor your time and commitment to EL at NMC.  

Fellowship members go on to become EL and high-impact ambassadors, sharing their work and becoming champions of these practices where they can, including serving on related committees or events held by the NMC ELI.

Watch for more information coming soon!  Email us at with questions and to express interest.

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  1. Marjory Smith May 4, 2021 at 2:06 PM #

    I would like to join the ELI Workshop starting May 10. I did enroll in the Moodle workshop but I have not submitted any work yet. I think the one-week format will help me focus and make progress, now that the semester has ended.

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