And that’s a wrap! 


Thanks to those who attended last week’s Friday Forum based on The New Science of Learning by Todd Zakrajsek, our keynote presenter at the October Conference. Returning to Zakrajsek’s book closed the loop on our CIE programming for the year. Thanks very much to “Hack Your Students’ Brains” co-presenter Kristen Salathiel who shared tips on using knowledge from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to improve instruction and student learning.  And thanks to CIE Office Manager Alice Sluss, who makes sure we have food at our events and does so much more!


We are already looking forward to next year when we will continue the conversation started by Rachel Wilczewski and Melissa Sprenkle with their Friday Forum presentation, “Experiences with Teaching Antiracism and Contentious Topics in the Classroom.”  Rachel and Melissa recommended two books that we will discuss at CIE events next year. Copies of White Fragility and Stuck Improving: Racial Equity and School Leadership were distributed on Friday. We have more copies and would be happy to deliver them to your mailbox for summer reading. Please contact


We are always interested in feedback on CIE programs, so please reach out to me or other members of our board with comments on this year’s sessions and ideas for next year. We would like to hear from you as we start plans for next year. 


CIE Advisory Board: Mark DeLonge, Tom Gordon, Janet Lively, Tami Livengood, Rick Mathis, Scott Powell, and Nicole Spleeman.