Whenever you need support, we are here to help!  From a quick look at an assignment or activity to thoroughly redesigning a course, the ELI has something for you.  Not only will you find us at every PD opportunity offered to faculty, we have an entire professional development track for anyone interested in EL.

Enroll in EL101!

For those of you getting started or looking to deepen your practice, we would like to recommend you enroll in EL101 Online.  You can enroll anytime by emailing elinstitute@nmc.edu. The course is asynchronous and self-paced.  Not only do you get to see EL in action to learn its basic principles and apply them to your classes, you can check out an EL-inspired course shell co-designed with EMT. Together, this is a lot to provide a solid foundation. 

Everyone receives a personal learning report (the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory 4.0), and adjunct faculty, upon full review of redesigned activities, will be eligible for a $200 stipend. It also sets you up to participate in other offerings like our EL Learning Community and ELI Fellowship.

Let’s Learn Together…

The EL Learning Community (ELLC) is composed of colleagues who completed EL101 (or are actively working on it) or who have substantive experience in applying EL in courses. The ELLC is designed for more advanced practitioners and those who are seeking learning that can be obtained in a community of practice.  The ELLC will be self-directed and implement the language and theory of Kolb-based experiential learning to our classes and campuses through study, sharing and advocacy.  The ELLC may be a stepping stone for some to the ELI Fellowship. The LC will commence in October. Email us if you’re interested to join us!

The Experiential Learning Institute Fellowship:

The ELI Fellowship is a program for people who are deeply dedicated to experiential learning theory and practice, who wish to go farther into research, theory and to apply these to a complete reworking of a course.  The ELI Fellowship builds upon the topics of EL101 (learning, learning preferences, learning spaces, faculty roles, and course design) with expanded academic readings and reflective practice.  It is a 5-week summer course, running again in Summer, 2022.  

Five faculty will be chosen from among applicants to participate in the program.  Candidates must have completed EL101 in order to qualify.  Chosen candidates will participate in the cohort to yield a fully-reworked course, which will be eligible for designation in the NMC’s catalog.  Upon completion and review, Fellows earn a $1500 stipend, which honors time and commitment and to support relevant projects.