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Writing Back In Time

Writing Back In Time By Brian Sweeney I spent 3 years teaching physics and math to first and second year college students.  I then spent 5 years teaching math to high-school students in dual enrollment classes.  I found that, in general, the focus of personal attention toward their education was slightly more than high-school level,… Continue Reading Writing Back In Time

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“Food” for Tech Help

Notice: Effective immediately; there has been a slight change to receiving assistance form Educational Media Technologies personnel. We ask that you donate a can or boxed item for every technical question we assist you with or idea we inspire you with. This new “can for tech help” policy is retroactive, so please drop off all… Continue Reading “Food” for Tech Help

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Time To Reflect on Competency-based Learning

At the November Faculty Friday Forum sponsored by NMC’s Center for Instructional Excellence, four questions about competency-based learning were posted.  As I struggled to organize responses to this hot topic into a meaningful context, Mark DeLonge suggested Jimmy Buffett.  Given the flakes of snow flying outside today, I jumped at the chance to check out… Continue Reading Time To Reflect on Competency-based Learning