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Video Camera Check Out for Student Projects

Canon HD Camera

Did you know that EMT has video cameras that students can check out for course projects? Well, we do and there are three different models for students to choose from for a three day check out. The Canon HD camera above is a more traditional looking video camera but offers long recording length to an SD memory card and significant battery life. We also have the Kodak video cameras pictured below that are good for short recordings. The battery life on these cameras reduces with the life of the camera, so the best recording length is from 5 – 30 minutes. Although there is an option to power these cameras with a A/C outlet, the power cord is short and would require an extension cord.

Kodak Camera

Finally, EMT has four GoPro Hero Session cameras with various mounts available for students to record hands free demonstrations or assessments of their course work. As you wrap up the semester or think towards next year, contact EMT to discuss how adding video assessments to your courses can help engage students with a format they use everyday.


GoPro Hero Session Camera



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