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Editing Your Moodle Profile Page

Your profile contains general information about you and links to your currently enrolled courses. You can customize your profile information, set some user preferences, and add a profile image that will appear next to forum posts and other areas of Moodle. To access your profile, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the main menu. In the drop down menu, select “profile.” 

Click on “Edit profile” below “User details”.

In the next page, in the “General” area you can update your general information if needed. Scroll down to the “Description” area and type a brief personal description in the text box. All of your classmates and instructors will be able to view your Moodle description. 

Next, scroll down to the “User picture” area. Click on the “Add” icon to browse your computer for an image to use as your profile image.

In the “File picker” window, click on the “Upload a file” item on the left and then the gray “Choose file” button. Then, select the image from your machine, and click on the green Upload this file” button. 

You’ll see a preview of your image. To save it, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green “Update profile” button. 

Additional options in the “Edit profile” area include adding additional names to your account, a list of interests, and other optional details.

For Moodle help, contact the NMC Technology Helpdesk at 231-995-3020