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Taking a Moodle Quiz with Proctorio


For added security during a Moodle quiz or test, your instructor may enable the remote proctoring software Proctorio. Proctorio is a Google Chrome extension that allows instructors to record student webcam, computer audio, and screen while also restricting a test taker’s computer functions (for instance: locking browsers and screens and disabling links). Proctorio settings are set by the instructor during test development and the specific recording/lockdown settings may differ depending on the instructor and quiz/test.


In order to access a Proctorio-enabled test, students must complete the following steps:


STEP 1: Use a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook computer for test taking. Mobile devices and tablets will not work with Proctorio. Make sure that your device has its webcam enabled and that there isn’t anything covering the webcam (like tape, for instance).


STEP 2: Use the Google Chrome browser to take the test. If you don’t have Google Chrome, you can download it for free on any computer.


NOTE: Proctorio will not work with Chrome’s Incognito mode. If you regularly use private browsing with Chrome (usually identified by black tabs instead of gray), it will need to be shut off to take the test.


STEP 3: Download the Proctorio Google Chrome Extension. Your class will likely have a link near the top of the course page that can guide you through the download process.


Here’s what the link should look like:

After you click on the Proctorio link, you’ll be directed to a new page. Click on the link to below Step 2:

After you arrive at the Chrome store, click on the blue “Add to Chrome” button:

STEP 4: Make sure the extension is enabled. After downloading the Proctorio extension, you should see a gray shield at the top right of your browser. If you do not, click on the dark gray jigsaw puzzle and you should find the shield listed from the dropdown menu of installed extensions (click the “pin” icon from that dropdown to add Proctorio to your main screen):

In insure the extension is working properly, navigate to the class using Proctorio and click the gray shield. If you see the following pop-up, Proctorio has been enabled and you can click on the quiz/test and begin:

If you have completed all 4 steps listed in this tutorial and still cannot access your Proctorio-enabled quiz/test, please contact the NMC Technology Helpdesk