New faculty and almost-new faculty are in abundant supply at NMC this year. CIE is delighted to welcome all our new teachers!

New full-time, adjunct, and staff instructors meet once a month for the New Faculty Institute sponsored by CIE. Faculty in their second year at NMC are also invited to participate. The group meets with folks from across the college to learn about the culture, practices, and policies at NMC. So far, the New Faculty Institute has met with representatives of Student Life, the Experiential Learning Institute, Teaching Fellows, Ed Tech, Student Success Center, and Human Resources. 

NFI members
NFI members. Left to right: Carolyn Andrews (Construction Technology, coordinator), Jen Tripp (Dental Assisting), Mary McKeon-Jacob ( American sign Language), Christine Mac (Math, 2nd year), Hollianne McHugh (Technical), Breana Goodell (Surgical Technology), Jeff Morse (Construction Tech — Electrician). Not pictured: Ken Klumpp (Automotive), Natash Williams (Health Occ), Rachel Harrell (Theater), Tiffani Wilke (Environment Science).

This year’s membership includes seven full-time regular faculty who started this semester, some of whom are new to NMC and/or teaching. Others come with years of experience as NMC adjunct instructors.

NMC also has more than a dozen new adjunct instructors, staff who teach, and 2nd year faculty. If you are in this group but haven’t yet attended, you are welcome to join us at our next meeting on Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. in IC 123.