Treat yourself to some practice-stretching PD with these two opportunities. Let us know if you have more opportunities that you’d like to share! 

  • Sign up for the free newsletter Grading for Growth covers “all things related to alternative grading practices based on feedback loops and conversations rather than point accumulation and statistics,” according to co-author Robert Talbert. The current issue explores the history of our current A-F grading system. Talbert and co-author David Clark are both math professors at Grand Valley State University. Our own assessment coordinator Nick Roster gives them a thumbs up. 


  • Consider a one-day online writing workshop from Bard College Institute for Writing and Thinking recommended by Judy Chu, director of our Writing and Reading. This workshop series includes spring semester workshops on writing in STEM, history, and math, along with a special topics workshop in March titled “Introduction to Reflective Writing for Agency, Equity, and Community.” For more information, follow this link to The New Kinds of Attention online workshop series.