May 2024 Quick Bytes Course Schedule – New Features and Old Favorites!  Sign Up Now.
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All courses are offered on Thursday at 3pm via Zoom.  Please ensure your camera is on during our session to support collaboration and connection.

Date Course Name
May 9
3 – 4 pm
Introduction to AI for Staff
Are you curious about AI, but don’t know where to start? Come find out about various AI tools (I’ll demo Google’s Bard), writing prompts for AI tools, and AI tools available in our everyday software (like Zoom, Canva, etc.).  This is a repeat class from earlier this Spring, in case you didn’t attend. 
May 16
3 – 4 pm
Chrome Browser – Features & Functions
Join me for an in-depth look at the features and functions of your Chrome Browser that you may not be aware of.  We will cover Bookmarks, Syncing Chrome Browser, Chrome Profiles, Side Toolbar, Tab Management, creating “digital” QR Codes for Chrome Pages, as well as how to use Merlin AI with Chrome.
May 23
3 – 4 pm
20 Prompts for Better AI Responses
Come learn about prompts that you can use to get better AI responses from Gemini and ChatGPT.   These prompts will help you execute on tasks, identify pros and cons, refine/humanize your writing, learn complex topics, and more!  
May 30
3 – 4 pm
Mastering Gmail and Google Calendar
Gmail and Google Calendar are used every day!  Learn about the features that make your communication and scheduling easier! In Gmail, we will cover labels, filters, and settings.  In Calendar, we will cover using multiple calendars, duplicating events, settings, and more!