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My Most Inspiring Student

When Katherine turned in her first assignment in ENG 97/107, I was shocked. The assignment was to write a page of free writing explaining something they were good at and how they got good at it. Most students wrote about a page–messy and full of errors, maybe, but they pretty much did the assignment. Katherine,… Continue Reading My Most Inspiring Student


The Power of Choice

“The main ingredient in all success is wise choices. That’s because the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the choices we make on a daily basis.” Skip Downing, On Course, Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life. The Wise Choice Process There are six questions in the Wise Choice… Continue Reading The Power of Choice

On Course by Skip Downing

What is On Course?

You may have heard of the workshops. You may have heard of classes that use it. What is this On Course? On Course is both a book for students to use in a study skills course and a framework for teaching. It provides students with a guide for college success. It provides instructors with a… Continue Reading What is On Course?