Hand Pointing at creativityIt’s the start of the semester.  Choices abound on how to be successful.  Others give you advice, the web is full of advice, and you give yourself advice based on  past experience.  How do you or any instructor sort through all of the advice and stay true to their objectives?  Based on years of experience as an adjunct at three institutions, here are some things I’ve learned along the way.
  1. There is no one best way
  2. Realize that there is no “ONE BEST WAY” and stick to what you understand and are able to deliver on
  3. There are too many options – Those experienced in teaching or experts in the latest technologies will want to show and amaze you with myriad possibilities
  4. Choose your best possible world and stick to it
  5. An instructor is knowledgeable in their field and must spend time in keeping up with current discoveries.  This is a balancing act for full time and adjuncts alike with committee meetings, other work, learning new technologies, personal lives.  Being selective on using time is imperative for success.