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Make sure the prize is worth the effort

If you warrantied your teaching, what would it look like?

A common refrain heard at instructor events is the amount of effort students put into their work.  Driving by this sign today, I had to laugh at the simple advice on how to fix situations where students aren’t putting in the needed effort to meet desired instructor results. When I stopped to take the picture, […]

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SMARt Outcomes?

The Learning Outcomes Team (LOT) has been thinking about…well…outcomes. We are poised to help anyone create SMARt Learning Outcomes for their courses. Updated learning outcomes (SLOs) are due on Course Outlines by May 8th, 2015. Typically questions spring to mind along with looking at and revising course outcomes. The biggest question is what are SMARt […]

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Mark the Destroyer

No Vegas, No Problem.

The 4x4x16 Writing Challenge was part of a presentation at a national conference in February.  We were co-presenters with Yavapai College from Arizona at the Instructional Technology Council Conference in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, neither Tracy Russo or I could attend to present in person, so in our place we sent the following video and participated via […]

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New Responsive Theme

Changes to Moodle

Fall of 2014: At Pine Palooza, we found that more and more people are accessing Moodle using their mobile devices.  Both phones and tablets account for large numbers of how students access Moodle.  We have even heard rumors that instructors use their phones to access Moodle too.  Our current Moodle theme is not designed to […]

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