As a follow up to the September 30 Friday Forum: Library Teaching and Learning Openhouse, we will be sharing the resources revealed and reintroduced along with tips and use-case scenarios to help faculty across disciplines imagine ways to integrate them. If you have tried the tools, please chime in in the comments below to share your personal use-case scenarios.

Before we go hi-tech, let’s go old school.

BOOKS. We have been curating with you and your students in mind. Let us help you reengage with our print collection. Call your liaison librarian for a strategy meeting today!

Leadership is LanguageCase 1: Maritime Leadership – Book discussion groups
Cadets read Leadership is Language, logging their reactions using The 4 C’s: a Routine for Stucturing Text-Based Discussions. With their notes from The 4 C’s routine they participated in small group discussions, using textual evidence and personal experience to support their contributions to the conversation.


Case 2: Nursing Fundamentals – Book pass
Students beginning a group research project need to generate a robust list of considerations for culturally aware nursing practice. Books, rich with factors related to culturally sensitive nursing, are set up at stations. Students have three minutes at each station to glean ideas to add to a shared brainstorming chart. We are happy to compile a cart of books and get it to you.

PRINT PERIODICALS. As we strive to create learning experiences that prepare students for the workplace and real-life, let’s not overlook professional behaviors like keeping up with the news and engaging with trade literature. Our periodical collection speaks to a variety of disciplines, perspectives, and hobbies. Visit the link to the full list of PRINT PERIODICALS IN THE LIBRARY

Covers of magazines available at the NMC library