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nursing simulation room, manikin and equipment, ready for students

Simulation for our Students

The use of simulation in nursing education offers students a safe, controlled environment to experience simulated patient care experiences or to practice or be evaluated on nursing skills. Simulation is used here in our NMC simulation lab to connect classroom learning to clinical practice. It is a way we are able to reinforce and evaluate… Continue Reading Simulation for our Students

Nursing Patch

Skinning Cats: Yes, there is more than one way to do it.

A quick sidebar for my apologies for this proverb’s politically incorrectness, but it fits. As the old proverb goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. This holds true in life and learning. Our students come from different places, different learning backgrounds, assorted study habits, but they have all arrived here. Here… Continue Reading Skinning Cats: Yes, there is more than one way to do it.

Kolb Experiential Learning Diagram

What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me? Thinking back to August, and our professional development (PD) day, I have been thinking about our aim for a more experiential learning environment (Kolb’s learning theory). Comments overheard during PD included lots of examples of experiences we are providing students to actively engage them in this process of learning, but… Continue Reading What’s in it for me?