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Access to Everything

I was privileged to receive some insight into the mind of young people last week. I have since had time to really think about and consider how many of us may categorize them. This insight is the fact that young people today have access to every bit of knowledge in the known world. From microscopic… Continue Reading Access to Everything

I want you at the Friday Forum!

October 6th Friday Forum

Free Speech in the Classroom What rights do students have to free speech in class? What rights, obligations and legal responsibilities do faculty have? How can we create a space that encourages civil discussion of difficult issues? How does freedom of speech fit with the mission of a liberal arts education?  Join us this Friday, October… Continue Reading October 6th Friday Forum

MI OER Summit - September 22, 2017

MI OER Summit with Robin DeRosa

Read a Short article in Inside Higher Education about how open educational resources changed Robin DeRosa’s pedagogy.  DeRosa is the keynote speaker for the MCO OER Summit at Kellogg Community College on Friday, September 22, a great one-day opportunity to learn more about Michigan Community Colleges’ efforts to lower the cost of college, invigorate learning, and increase retention and completion… Continue Reading MI OER Summit with Robin DeRosa