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Raven and Coyote in Yellowstone

Trickster Teachers

Last week my mythology class was reading about trickster figures. Tricksters are playful, amoral, charismatic, and, well, tricky. After reviewing typical actions and attitudes of trickster figures, I asked students to form groups, choose a contemporary character (not involved in politics!) whom they thought functioned as a trickster and then write up a brief overview… Continue Reading Trickster Teachers


The Tables are Turned on the Teacher: Tales from Writing Workshop

A few years ago, Susan Odgers, Michael Anderson, and I received an NMC Foundation Grant to run a writing workshop with local people who had in the past or were then currently experiencing homelessness. With the help of Ryan Hannon of Goodwill Street Outreach, my former student, we were introduced to people who would be… Continue Reading The Tables are Turned on the Teacher: Tales from Writing Workshop


What We Want to Learn

Recently my friend Lisa Blackford gave me a draft of talking points or thoughts leading to potential talking points that her students had constructed in their planning for how they will approach members of the Traverse City community about a shared class project. Some of the points are directed to themselves such as “what we… Continue Reading What We Want to Learn

branagh (2)

Confusion and Learning

We’re heading into the last leg of the semester, and many of us have students working on the most complex projects and concepts in our courses. If we were to walk in the students’ shoes a bit we would see that they are working on complicated culminating components in all of their courses right now.… Continue Reading Confusion and Learning