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Cartoon: A leading politician today charged that the media, rather than informing people, now merely reports on public ignorance. Do our viewers agree? Let's hear some voices on the street...

“The news is all biased. None of it can be trusted.”

TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) – New research shows that the college classroom is a high-impact context for developing students’ attitudes, habits and literacy when it comes to engaging with news media, and that college faculty are uniquely positioned to influence students’ information-gathering behavior in both academic and personal contexts. If you are interested in… Continue Reading “The news is all biased. None of it can be trusted.”

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Calvin’s Faucet

Like many of you, I imagine, the past month or so has found me oscillating between cycles of obsessive news consumption and bouts of much-needed info-distancing. Through it all, I’ve been buoyed by a steady current of stories of creativity, collaboration, and ingenuity (locally, nationally, and internationally), of individuals and institutions rising to this bleak… Continue Reading Calvin’s Faucet