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mental dragon

How Wrong I Can Be

It always starts on day one of classes when my first activity is for them to line up by birthday, irrespective of year. My objective is just to get them moving, interact some with each other, and to suggest that my courses are not very conventional. The process is generally active, fun, and often results… Continue Reading How Wrong I Can Be


40 Years as a NMC Student

We are committed to the lifetime of learning mantra.  I started taking classes at NMC in 1978, taking a BASIC computer programming class in the basement of Scholar’s Hall.  After 40 years, this is likely my final semester as a full-time student.  In 2008, I retired from the Army with 33 months of education benefits,… Continue Reading 40 Years as a NMC Student



I would like to share with you a poem titled “Horizon.” It is from a book of poems by Rudy Francisco titled: Helium. I came across the book during a Read Harder challenge. I hope I haven’t already driven past my greatest moments. I hope there is something beautiful on the horizon that’s just as… Continue Reading Horizon