Let’s face it: not everything needs an app. In fact, some processes and products are better left alone. Then there are other times where minor refinements breathe fresh air into an otherwise stale world.

Enter Rocketbook: an erasable notebook paired with a smartphone app that is helping bridge the gap between analog and digital worlds. The process is amazingly simple too. Take notes, check a symbol at the bottom of the page, snap the page with the bundled app (available for iOS and Android) and Rocketbook scans, enhances and sends content to a cloud space of your choice. Ideally suited for instructors who prefer to handwrite class notes on paper (versus whiteboard).

Instructors have adapted to a lot of technology changes in the classroom (and still are). ACECAD’s DigiMemo had its limits but it got the fine-tuned handwriting part right. Digital tablets are still evolving though. So if you’re looking for something traditional but with digital workflows for filing and distribution, consider pairing a  Rocketbook with a Ladibug to project content and capture lectures. And if you’re more of a whiteboard instructor, consider using Rocketbook’s Beacons to capture and distribute your content.

Tech that lets us instruct from familiar spaces and enhances and helps with organizing and distribution is a big win in my book. Better yet, it’s not rocket science, it’s Rocketbook.