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Keep coming back

The semester is winding down and the panic is setting in.  There seems to be the immediate need to catch-up with the material.  I was asked today if we are going to review all the stuff we learned in the semester.   There was a disconnect in viewing the current learning objectives as progressions of previous… Continue Reading Keep coming back


Addition and the Aggregate: Getting Students to Revise and Edit

I’m coming to the time in the semester when I focus more on getting students to revise and edit their essays. After we finish our third major project, we will move into portfolio revision in the period after Thanksgiving. For this portfolio work, I ask students to revisit essays and projects they created earlier in… Continue Reading Addition and the Aggregate: Getting Students to Revise and Edit

Situational factors, the foundation for Criteria of good course design

Considering Situational Factors

A few years ago, I attended weekend seminar “Designing Courses for More Significant Learning” – a prior version of NMC’s August professional development program. I used Dee Fink’s approach twice in major course designs, and I’ve been pleased with the results. Foundational aspect “Situational Factors” is a topic worthy of further reflection. Two of the… Continue Reading Considering Situational Factors

Infallible Word Processor

Infallible Result System Computer/Word Processor Model

We create models for several reasons. We use them to analyze and understand what’s happening around us, we use them to predict and control behaviors or outcomes and we use them for entertainment. There are bad models that don’t work very well. We usually do away with those. There are good models that stand the test of time.… Continue Reading Infallible Result System Computer/Word Processor Model