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The National Debt

I have been having my MTH 120 students ponder the $17 trillion national debt. They have been using formulas for simple interest, compound interest, and debt repayment along with dimensional analysis to answer a variety of questions about the debt. Simple Interest I = Prt   I = Interest earned P = Principal invested r… Continue Reading The National Debt


Introducing Metacognition into Student Reading

What did you find challenging about last night’s reading? What did you do when you struggled with the reading? What helped make this reading easier? What new strategies did you try with this reading that you haven’t used before? These types of questions ask students to engage in metacognition–thinking about thinking. And it’s something I’ve… Continue Reading Introducing Metacognition into Student Reading


Applying Ordinary Teaching for an Extra-ordinary Learning Time

In this second post of a series using the different categories of significant learning outcomes (SLO) as a basis for sharing how some teaching strategies and best practices came to be, the ordinary actions of teaching and learning are worth exploring for their extraordinary impact. Although we typically talk about “best practices” and “effective teaching,”… Continue Reading Applying Ordinary Teaching for an Extra-ordinary Learning Time

Kid President

Darn Serious Learning

Lately, there seems to be a force that is developing on campus. Because of the on going projects that have been popping up on campus looking at poverty, homelessness, food drives, and clothing drives,  I think the biggest subject that is being raised is ‘awareness’.   The awareness of how many people are experiencing poverty, homelessness… Continue Reading Darn Serious Learning

Revert to old chat

Google Hangouts is here!

Google Hangouts is now available on all NMC accounts!  Google Hangouts lets you send messages (text and chat), make voice and video calls, and share photos with friends and colleagues.   Google Hangouts allows you to get messages and calls directly through your NMC Google account on your computer, phone, or tablet so you can get… Continue Reading Google Hangouts is here!