Looking to up your teaching game next year? Maybe learn some of those things your friends who went to education school learned? Or just looking to collaborate with your colleagues to refresh your strategies and knowledge around teaching? Then the CIE Teaching Fellows program is for you! We will begin our second year of this intensive program in late August and continue all year long. In the first semester, we will focus on specific elements of good teaching–lesson planning, writing assignments, facilitating good discussion, increasing active learning, adding reflection, formative and summative assessments, etc.–and then in the second semester, we will focus on classroom observations and lesson study. At the end of the year, participants who have completed the program will receive $500.

Teaching Fellows Banner - Contact Kristen Salathiel to apply

Additionally, full-time faculty can use this program to fulfill their FEP professional development goal. This cohort of 6-8 participants is open to full-time and adjunct faculty alike.  Interested? Email Kristen Salathiel (ksalathiel@nmc.edu) to apply or ask questions ASAP. Because we will start in August, we want to establish our cohort before summer starts!