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Barry Manilow YouTube Video


Congratulations, Everyone! We made it!!  If you figured out polling and private chat and how to screen share in a hurry last August (and then still struggled with it for weeks–or months) or if you had to learn totally new on-campus safety protocols involving shields and wipes and social distance. Or if you still, in… Continue Reading Congratulations!

Happy New Year

Welcome Back!

Happy New Year! One of my favorite days of the year is the day after the winter solstice because starting that day, every day is a few minutes longer than the one before. So already today, January 4, is eight minutes longer than Dec. 21. And Feb. 4 will be an hour and three minutes… Continue Reading Welcome Back!


January Conference PD Week

To kick off this semester, CIE is offering ten professional development workshops this week to help you get ready for spring semester. From card sort activities to creating a sense of belonging in the Zoom classroom to the power of reflection and feedback to unlocking the potential of your NY Times subscription, these workshops will… Continue Reading January Conference PD Week