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Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

CIE is offering two learning opportunities for faculty on Jan. 11. Helping Your Students Read the Textbook Thursday, Jan. 11, 10:00-10:45 in SH 204. The first session led by Nancy Gray and Kristen Salathiel will be a practical, hands-on workshop focused on specific ways you can help students effectively read–and learn from–your textbook.  Bring the textbook… Continue Reading Two Mini-PD Opportunities in January

Planning and scheduling

Abandoning the Plan

My first teaching job was at a public high school outside Chicago, and every week I had to submit that week’s daily lesson plans to my department chair. These plans included objectives and activities for each of my classes each day.  I did this for the first two years I was there. It was totally… Continue Reading Abandoning the Plan


Beginner’s Mind

Last week at a conference I learned the term “Beginner’s Mind.” I had never heard that term before but it comes from Zen Buddhism. It is the idea that as we become more expert at something, we stop seeing possibilities. We close our mind to new ways of seeing and doing–relying instead on what we… Continue Reading Beginner’s Mind