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Get Your FedEx Day Proposal in by Friday!

This is just a final reminder that your proposal for this year’s October Conference FedEx Day (Oct. 13) is due to your chair/supervisor by this Friday, Sept. 18. The goal with this day is for you to have time–time to undertake a project that you have been wanting to dive into but just haven’t been able to clear enough space on your calendar to make happen.

Remember, that you want the project to be something outside your normal duties–catching up on email or grading is not a legit way to spend the day (though I certainly could always use time for those activities too!). Click here for an overview of the project guidelines. Or, if you have a project idea and are looking for team members, please click here to post a request. If you will need technological or other help, be sure to seek that help well before Oct. 13. Most departments will be working on their own projects on that day and thus will be unavailable to help with other projects.

To submit your proposal, fill out the form sent to you by your area chair. If all of your team members are from the same department, you only need to fill out ONE form. If you have partners from other departments, however, each department’s people should submit forms.

Please email Kristen Salathiel with any questions.


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