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What’s in it for me?

What’s in it for me? Thinking back to August, and our professional development (PD) day, I have been thinking about our aim for a more experiential learning environment (Kolb’s learning theory). Comments overheard during PD included lots of examples of experiences we are providing students to actively engage them in this process of learning, but… Continue Reading What’s in it for me?

Path in forest


There is a deep well of knowledge that not everyone knows how to access. Some who access it have no want to share it with others. Some share about the knowledge but they don’t share the knowledge itself. Few find the knowledge. Fewer are willing and able to give true knowledge. To find knowledge one… Continue Reading Knowledge

Born Digital photo

Born Digital – Part One

Born somewhere between 1979 and 2002, the majority of NMC’s current students fall in the generational stereotype of “Digital Native”: never knowing life without computers, video games, cell phones (smartphones), and cloud computing. Assumptions abound about how this generation relates to technology, uses technology, and adopts it for personal or educational use. There is also… Continue Reading Born Digital – Part One