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Two Takes on Assessment

I have been thinking a lot recently about assessment. First, I’ve been thinking about it because, you know, it’s a lot of what we do as teachers–we try to figure out what students are learning and what they are struggling with. Second, I was part of Nick Roster’s Hacking Assessment Learning Community last year and… Continue Reading Two Takes on Assessment

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The All-New August Professional Development Day

The August Conference has traditionally been held on Monday afternoon right after Opening Conference, but because this year will be very different both in terms of meetings and teaching, CIE has decided to take a different approach. Rather than spending an afternoon together right before classes begin learning synchronously, we are going to spread August’s… Continue Reading The All-New August Professional Development Day

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OLO for the Fall 2020 Term

Students enrolled in online classes have been required to complete NMC’s Online Learning Orientation (OLO) course since the beginning of the Fall 2019 term. During the Fall 2020 term, OLO will still be required of students taking fully online courses. OLO will not be required for hybrid, livestream or lecture courses. Faculty teaching hybrid, livestream… Continue Reading OLO for the Fall 2020 Term