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EL Ambassadors with Dr. Teri Williams and Tim Nelson

Experiential Education Academy Certifies NMC Staff & Faculty

At last Monday’s Winter Conference guest speaker Dr. Randy Bass of Georgetown University facilitated discussion around high-impact experiential learning practice and the future of human learning in higher education. Over the next three days twenty NMC faculty and staff completed the Experiential Education Academy (EEA) certification program at the Hagerty Center. The EEA certification was… Continue Reading Experiential Education Academy Certifies NMC Staff & Faculty

Selecting Outcomes

General Education Outcomes

The phrase “General Education” refers to the educational foundation of skills, knowledge, habits of mind, and values that prepare students for success in their majors and in their personal and professional lives upon transferring or graduating. At Northwestern Michigan College, the faculty have chosen to focus on three General Education Requirements. These are Communication, Critical Thinking,… Continue Reading General Education Outcomes