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Changes to Moodle Question Types

As NMC works to improve equal educational access for all students, the Education Technology department recently completed an accessibility review of Moodle’s quiz question types. While most question types met accessibility requirements in accordance with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, five of them did not and have therefore been removed from Moodle until developers make… Continue Reading Changes to Moodle Question Types

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Spring 2019 Faculty Showcase

Faculty Council is proud to present the annual Spring Faculty Showcase on April 26, 2019 in Scholars Hall 105 from 3:30-5:00 PM.  This wonderful event is presented by your faculty peers. They will showcase classroom activities, share lessons, student accomplishments, beautiful things faculty and/or students have created, and other successful or effective teaching strategies.  This… Continue Reading Spring 2019 Faculty Showcase

Learning Communities

Learning Communities Lunch

WHAT: A Lunch to Celebrate your Learning Community/Learn about Learning Communities WHO: Learning Community Members & anyone interested in Learning Communities WHEN: Friday, May 3rd at 12:00 – 1:30 in FH110 You’re invited to break some bread and share what your Learning Community was up to this past academic year. There were six active LCs… Continue Reading Learning Communities Lunch

Unsolved Mysteries: Teaching Online Edition

You’re Invited: teachingSOLUTIONS 2019

teachingSOLUTIONS, NMC’s online teaching certification and Moodle skills program, will be available again this May.  The program can be completed during our face-to-face boot camp from May 14 – 18 or in a separate, self-paced online version.  It typically takes instructors 30 – 35 hours to complete the program, which includes a capstone project.  Adjunct… Continue Reading You’re Invited: teachingSOLUTIONS 2019

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Michigan Center for Student Success Invites You. . .

The Michigan Center for Student Success has a number of interesting opportunities coming up in the next few weeks. Though the descriptions below mention Guided Pathways teams, individuals from Guided Pathways schools (such as NMC) are invited to register on their own. If any interest you, please click the appropriate links to register. Note that… Continue Reading Michigan Center for Student Success Invites You. . .