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Important Upcoming Moodle Dates

Below you’ll find important Moodle dates to remember: August 22nd – Students populated in Fall 2017 (1801) courses. You’ll be able to see student lists in Moodle. Students will not be able to see courses unless you turn a course on early. August 25th – Fall 2017 (1801) courses turned on. The semester begins August 26th, and we’ll turn… Continue Reading Important Upcoming Moodle Dates

Image of EMT wearing shorts at the beach.

Summer Shorts

Summer Shorts are a series of SHORT videos on how to use different technology tools in your teaching.  The series has included videos on Google Docs, Ensemble video recording, etc. To watch any of the videos from the series, visit the Summer Shorts Playlist.

Question listing American wars to be placed in order.

A Call to Order

I learned something really cool about Moodle’s ordering questions. If you are familiar with these, skip to the last two paragraphs; otherwise, read on for a description of them and how they work. Mark Delonge turned me on to “ordering” questions in Moodle a couple semesters back. They are great for any content that needs… Continue Reading A Call to Order

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Learning Communities Celebrates Its Second Year!

 celebrates its second year! Congratulations to all those faculty and staff that made Learning Communities great this year.  Groups included Belongingness, New Faculty, e-Portfolio, Coaching, and Collaboration for Universal Design. Participants in the Belongingness LC group brainstormed ways to create a greater sense of “belongingness” for students at NMC. In addition to reading Terrell L.… Continue Reading Learning Communities Celebrates Its Second Year!