It’s that time year again where we in the Educational Technology department count up all the tally marks to figure out how many faculty completed Teaching Solutions, who completed a new course development project, who completed the Course Review Cohort, and whose course successfully completed a course review with one of our great Peer Review teams. Below is an image of the whiteboard where we track all of these things. 

Project Board

This is the whiteboard where we track all the participants and progress made on course development, reviews, and Teaching Solutions.

At a glance, 11 faculty completed Teaching Solutions and 58 online or hybrid courses were reviewed. Of those 58 courses, 24 went through the the Peer Review process, 14 went through the Course Review Cohort, 16 courses were created through the New Course Development process, and 4 courses went through an independent review. We send a genuine THANK YOU 🙏 to all of you who helped these processes along. So, here it is, an exhaustive list of who did what, when and how. The academic year won’t end until after the Summer 2024 semester is complete and many of these efforts will continue through the summer. In all, we expect to have reviewed somewhere between 65 – 70 courses in total. 

Teaching Solutions Graduates

Larry Burdick, Business (Criminal Justice)
Cory Dean, Technical (HVAC/R)
Karen Ford, Business
Breana Goodell, Surgical Technology
Brittany Locke, Surgical Technology
Wyatt Roehler, Business (CIT)
Abigail Sprenkle, Communications
Christina Walsh, Social Science
Leslie Williams, Humanities (Dance)
Natasha Williams, Health Occupations (Nursing)
Kerrey Woughter, Health Occupations

Online/Hybrid Course Review Cohort

Fall 23

Stewart Jack – CIT178 Online
Josh Wagner – MUS110 Online
Melissa Thiebaut – ECE220 Hybrid
Cathy Sommerfield – PSY101 Online
Jennifer Tripp – HAH120 Online
Sarah Montgomery-Richards – PHL121 Online
Tammy Coleman – BIO227 & BIO227L

Spring 24

Bryan Linck – AVG102 Online
Breanna Goodell – SRG122 Online
Joe Clark – BIO106 & BIO106L Online
Jessica Parker – MTH122 Online
Cary Godwin – MDK450 Hybrid

Online/Hybrid Course Peer Review

Fall 23

Brandon Everest – Sociology 101 Online
Jane Zlojutro – Accounting 221 Hybrid
Scott Goethals – CIT100 Online
Nicole Fewins – BUS101 Hybrid
Amjad Khan – ECO202 Online
Lisa Balbach – CIT195 Online
Steve Rice – ACC199 Hybrid
Jennifer Ewing – BUS101 Online
Kristy McDonald – BUS155 Hybrid
Carol Taberski –  CIT118 Online
Ryan Wilson – ENG220 Online & COM111 Hybrid

Spring 24

Tim Hudson – PSY101 Online
Tam Livengood – HNR107 Online
Marjory Smith – ENG112 Online
Tony Jenkins – MTH131 Online
Michael Emerson – PHL101 Online
Shilo Smith – PSY101 Online
Magda Stewart – HAH101 Online
Nate Butler – MTH121 Online
Tricia Lincoln – ENG111 Online
Andrea Gerring – ART213 Online
John Zachman – PLS101 Online
Rachel Wilczewski – SOC101 Online

New Online/Hybrid Course Development

Brian Majerczik – CJ231 Online
David Chown – MUS129 Online
Jerry Dobek – AST109 Online
Nick Roster – BIO116 Hybrid
Mary McKeon – ASL104 Online
Terri Gustafson – ESP100 Online, ESP201 Hybrid, ESP202 Hybrid, ESP203 Hybrid, & ESP204 Hybrid
Jay Smith – EGR203 Online
Cory Dean – HVA136 Hybrid
David Hosler – CIT263 Hybrid & CIT264 Hybrid
Larry Burdick – CJ261 Hybrid
Leslie Williams – DNC100 Online

Online/Hybrid Independent Course Review

Cheryl Bloomquist – ECE230 Hybrid
Steve Rice – CIT216 Online
Nate Peplinski – BIO228 & BIO228L Online
Steve Ursell – AVG282