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Important Upcoming Moodle Dates

Below you’ll find important Moodle dates to remember:

  • Moodle CalendarMonday, August 20th — Students populated in most Fall 2018 (1901) courses. If your course starts on the 25th, you’ll be able to see student lists in Moodle on this day. If your course starts later, look for students 5 days before the start date. Students will not be able to see courses unless you turn a course on early.
  • Tuesday, August 21st — Summer 2018 (1803) courses turned off. We routinely turn courses off 10 days after the course end date. If you need a course left open, please submit a ticket.
  • Friday, August 24th — Fall 2018 (1901) courses turned on. The semester begins August 25th. We turn on courses one day early so students will be able to access course content. You can turn a course off if you’d like to postpone access.
  • Friday, August 31st — Spring 2016 (1602) courses removed. We continually remove older Moodle courses to keep the Moodle server running optimally. You can backup/download a Moodle course on your own or reach out to us for help. We backup courses before they’re removed from Moodle and save a copy of older courses remotely.

If you’ve been assigned to teach a course in the Fall of 2018, but the course doesn’t appear in your Moodle dashboard, check with your department manager to make sure you’ve been assigned to the course in the Banner.

If you have any questions about these upcoming dates, feel free to respond to this blog, give us a call or submit a ticket. We’re happy to help.

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